This blog will be changing

Well, only the blog address is changing. I’m going to try migrating the existing posts to the new site, and with help from the wonderful support options from WordPress, I just may pull that off!

Moving day isn’t until January 30, and I’ll give you the new address (and a reminder) on the 29th.

Some of you know I’ve been writing under a pen name for the past few years. God’s word for me recently has been “integrate”, and part of that integration will be dropping my professional name to write under my legal name.

The focus of God With Us: Finding Joy won’t change, and I’ll still be the same person, but the name change does mean a blog address change. I’m sorry for the irritation to those of you who get my posts via email — it’ll mean unsubscribing from this feed and subscribing to the new one (please don’t do that yet — next Friday’s post will have the new address.


Janet Sketchley (“the writer formerly known as Joanna Mallory”)

6 thoughts on “This blog will be changing

  1. Margaret

    Janet – Joanna,

    🙂 Both names are fine, but it might take this bear of little brain awhile to “Think….. think, think.”

    It will be adventuresome to see what you mean by “integration”….. That can be different things to different people….. Isn’t it wonderful to have the help the WordPress support team is able to give?


    1. joannamallory

      Margaret, I too am a “bear of little brain” who needs to think… Part of changing back is the number of people who have to think about what to call me. (One friend christened me JJ to make it easier.)

      “integrate” — yes, I’m not entirely sure where that is leading, but part of it is gathering all aspects of myself under the care and leadership of God. Not that I’ve particularly strayed, but over time I think it’s natural to spread out and now it’s time to re-gather.

      And yes, kudos to the WordPress team on how helpful they are!


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