Thought Life

Thinking about my motivations for pleasing God and the need to rein in my scattered thoughts has made me watchful for what others are saying on the subject of our thought life.

Here are some that spoke to me. Just click the links to reach the full posts—they’re well worth reading.

At LovingMinistry.Daily, Dimitra’s post, “Know Who You Are” talks about finding our identity and our purpose in Christ and not in the places we too often look.

Jennifer Slattery’s post, “Who Are You Thinking of Right Now?” looks at the self-focus that often takes over our thoughts. She asks,

How often do I think of myself? My comfort, my desires, my dreams, my plans?

And what would happen–what might God be able to do–if I lay it ALL aside?

At Other Food: Daily Devos, Violet Nesdoly advises us to “Turn the Dial to ‘Spirit’” and she’s talking about living with our minds set on the Holy Spirit rather than on our natural selves—and about using Scripture to keep our minds on the right track.

And check out Renee Swope’sAre My Thoughts For Me or Against Me?” This excerpt from her book A Confident Heart includes some practical scripture-based thoughts “to replace the lie that has filled your heart with doubt.” Renee Swope offers a whole page of free resources related to A Confident Heart. They’re worth reading, and the book looks really helpful.

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