What If, and Stepping Stones

Last Friday I said there were only a few blogs I get as daily emails. The rest I catch up on as I can through Bloglines.

It’s been a very full week (including a weekend at the Sunrise Division Barbershop competition where my husband’s and father-in-law’s chorus and quartet did very well!) Suffice to say, I got behind in those daily readings. I wanted to actually read them, not skim-and-delete.

Yesterday I caught up on posts at Whatever He Says. As always, Belinda and Susan gave me plenty to think about. It started with Belinda’s post, “What If…”–not “what if a certain thing happened” but “what if I made certain choices?”–and actually thinking through how to make and implement those choices.

Susan followed that post with one called “More on ‘What If'” and also talked about stepping stones–crossing a river on the stones Jesus pointed out, ignoring others that looked solid too.

Why not set aside some time, pour a cup of tea or other nice treat, and check these out? Then follow through the rest of them to get up to date and you’ll see some encouraging examples of what this what if/stepping stones can look like in action. I particularly recommend Susan’s “Friday Report” posted today. It’s a bit long, but it’s worth taking the time. She takes it beyond the ordering of daily activities to the working out of new behaviours and attitudes. I’ll need to read it again a few times over the days ahead. Some of us are slow processors!

4 thoughts on “What If, and Stepping Stones

  1. Belinda Burston

    Dear Janet,
    Thank you for honouring Whatever He Says with a mention here. God bless you and your readers and I pray that “What if” is a powerful prompt for new possibilities for you as it was for me. Like you I needed to let it percolate for a few days before a situation arose in which I really needed to consider doing things differently.

    Love (from England at the moment!)

    1. janetsketchley

      Belinda, right now God is blessing readers of this blog with what He gave you and Susan at Whatever He Says. Thank you for sharing what He’s teaching. He is so good!

      Have a wonderful time in England!

  2. gladwellmusau


    Hi. How have you been? Thank you for sharing Susan’s Friday report with us here. I went over there…and can I say, I am truly blessed and encouraged by that post. God is good. I needed to read that…and I thank God that you directed me there!

    God bless and keep you in His Peace!


    1. janetsketchley

      Hi Gladwell, I’ve been following your blog but haven’t stopped to comment lately. I appreciate the insights, though!

      Things are good for me but a bit on the busy side.

      I’m still thinking about Susan’s post… that’s a good thing.


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