Where is God in Haiti?

It doesn’t take a tragedy on the magnitude of the one in Haiti to get people asking “Where was God?” and “Why did He let this happen?”

I’m sure God doesn’t mind honest questions. He knows us, knows our finite understanding and the troubles that are too deep to articulate. I’m equally sure He does not appreciate it when we set ourselves up as His judges, especially since we don’t have all the information.

Whatever our circumstances, it’s worth asking “Where are You, God? What do You want me to learn?” Another good question is “What do You want to do through me?”

Where is God in Haiti? He’s giving strength to the relief workers, whether they recognize it or not. He’s giving courage to the suffering, if they’ll receive it. He’s shining brightest through the people who are in relationship with Him, who can listen to and rely on His Spirit.

Someone called Jesus “God with skin on” and that’s what Christians are to be: the visible means through which God works to touch the world and to show who He really is. Being human, we fail more often than we succeed, but as long as we’re obedient to Him and relying on Him, people can see the difference.

God is in the details, the personal experiences. He had people in place to help physically, and others already praying even though they didn’t know why.

I spoke with a woman who’d been invited to visit Haiti this January. She and her husband sensed it wasn’t the time. They were in Canada, safe, during the earthquake, and God used her as a voice here for the mission there. An email from one of the mission leaders said a voice told him not to leave the shaking building but to shelter under a desk. The rubble at the exit proves he would have died.

On another mission team, one member felt the need to cut short his time and return home. From Canada, he too was able to pray and to be of service. The rest of his team survived the quake and provided support until they had to leave.

God was in the finding of the 15-day old baby, alive after a week in the rubble. In the elderly woman found under the ruined cathedral, who sang so that rescuers could find her. And in the deaths of so many, including the Canadian nurse who’d just arrived to volunteer. I don’t understand, but I trust His character enough to know He can take all this brokenness and make something beautiful.

If we let Him. He won’t push past our defences any more than He would suspend the natural forces that caused the devastation.

We’re all inundated with opportunities to give to Haiti relief. If for some reason you’ve held off but now think it’s time, here are some links that might interest you:

Hands Across The Sea (HATS) orphanage and school in Deschappelles, Haiti.

Cup of Cold Water Click on the “earthquake relief” tab for updates from Haiti: news of the ministry compound (including orphanage) in Vignier, Haiti, and of relief efforts.

Canadian Baptist Ministries Click “emergency relief” and then “Haiti earthquake”.

World Vision

9 thoughts on “Where is God in Haiti?

  1. gladwellmusau

    Hi Janet. I like your article today. For one, I realize that God wants us to find Him in the stories of individuals as you have well illustrated. He is the God of individuals and yet, He is the God of the universe…of nations and peoples. I don’t have to understand everything, but I want to understand what is my portion in all this so that I may do His will.

    Blessings to you.

    1. janetsketchley

      “God wants us to find Him in the stories of individuals” — I think so, Gladwell. And in the big picture of nations too. May we keep our eyes open to see Him at work and our hearts open to love and trust Him.

  2. storygal

    Thank you, Janet, particularly for the message that God works in all these people, including the ones who couldn’t go but chose to work and pray from home.

  3. Margaret

    We certainly do need to trust our Lord in every disaster….. His love is eternal and extended to us all….. For that we need to give thanks as we let Him work through us.


  4. Marie Muirhead

    Very helpful, Janet. To try to know the heart of God in such horrific tragedy can be mind boggling but “He does not appreciate it when we set ourselves up as His judges” is something I will remember and ponder. How dare we even think of judging Him!

  5. janetsketchley

    Gladwell, Sheila, Carolyn, Margaret, Fay, Marie… thank you each for stopping by. May God’s goodness be revealed even in such a tragedy as the Haitians have endured, through His people extending their care and prayers.

  6. Ginny Jaques

    Oh, my goodness, Janet. This is such a powerful blog post. I’m going to send it to all my friends. And then I’m going to check out all the links you have in this article. You must have done some major research.

    Bless you, much!!


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