Wonder: 4 links + an assignment

It was almost a year ago at Write! Canada that God challenged me to open my eyes and see with wonder–a lesson I too quickly forgot! He’s been reminding me again, and it’s finally time to read my copy of Margaret Feinberg’s Wonderstruck that’s been waiting since Christmas. Part of the reminder came through some blog posts that I encourage you to read if you’re at all in need of a wonder-attitude-enthusiasm infusion.

At Hello God, Welcome to My Classroom, Linden Barrick muses on how rarely we encounter something special that brightens our spirits, when there are special touches in every day. [Read Where is My Enthusiasm]

Jon Rouse encourages us to learn to live each day aware of God’s presence and of the good things around us. [Read Life So Aware]

At Magellan Life Coaching, Reba J. Hoffman looks beyond the “glass half-empty or half-full” and urges us to enjoy the water. [Read Drink What’s There]

And author Grace Fox calls us to see again with childlike wonder. [Read Rediscovering the Wonder of Creation]

Those were the four links. Here’s the assignment:

Take a minute, or two, or three… what do you see in this photo? Really see? Yes, there’s a dandelion, and weed or no, it’s kind of pretty. See the delicate white blossoms on what’s probably another weed? Take a look at the grass (and weed leaves!) How many different types of leaves are there? How many different shades of green?

There is wonder all around us, my friends.  The universe is practically dripping with it. Wonder and the glory of God. May He open our eyes to see and our hearts to receive. Have a wonder-full day!

9 thoughts on “Wonder: 4 links + an assignment

  1. stephseclecticinterests

    Thanks so much for sharing, Janet. I love this post. I see the simplest things in the most profound ways when I go for a walk with my camera. When the weather gets better, I’m going to grab it and go for “long” walks. (When I stop to click several pictures every few feet, I’m gone a long time, but I don’t cover much ground. :D)

    1. Janet Sketchley

      Your “long” walks sound fun, Stephanie. It’s funny how much more we see when we start thinking in terms of photos or paintings. I notice my painter/photographer friends have much clearer eyes for details. Spring is coming, and we’ll be walking again soon!

  2. Janis Cox

    Great post, Janet. I know you will enjoy Margaret’s book. We are starting her Bible study in 2 weeks. I will tell you all about it.
    See the delicate petals in the dandelion? I love the tiny blades of grass. Is this from now? where you are? We have ice, snow and nothing growing here yet except evergreen trees. Certainly different than what we left in Arizona.
    Jan http://www.janiscox.com

    1. Janet Sketchley

      Janis, I look forward to hearing about the Bible study. The timing is exactly right for me to be reading Wonderstruck. Last night’s chapter (#2) was what I needed this week, and it matched so well with what I gained from a worship concert earlier the same night. God is very good.

    2. Janet Sketchley

      Oh–that’s last summer’s dandelion. Here in NS, our tulips have just begun to push through the earth, and crocuses planted in full sun are blooming exuberantly. (Mine are still sleeping.)

  3. Ruth Ann Adams

    You have put all this so beautifully. Susanna and I looked at the picture together. This is just what God has been speaking to me about: appreciating all the wonders and little things in our lives. I will look at the suggested blogs!
    Thanks, Janet!


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