Write! Canada 2011

Are you a Christian who feels called to write?  Or one who writes as an offering to the Lord? Or who writes just for the love of it–or because you can’t not write?

Write! Canada 2011 will be held June 16-18 in Guelph, Ontario.

I look forward to attending Write! Canada each June. The year I missed, I was ridiculously homesick for my writing friends I’ve made through the conference.

Why go to Write! Canada? The link will take you to a list of good reasons and to some background on Canada’s largest writers’ conference for Christians.

For me, Write! Canada provides professional development, spiritual renewal, and a chance to make new friends and visit older ones. I don’t have to be a pro at this; I just go and listen and learn. Actually, I wish I’d started attending sooner. Beginners can learn so much at a conference, and find the encouragement they need to persevere.

I’m a shy introvert, and I don’t enjoy large gatherings of strangers. I attended the first time because the Lord prodded me quite clearly from a number of sources, including an email from a stranger-soon-to-become-friend, Mary Waind of Beech Croft Tales.

Another stranger-to-become-friend, Elma Schemenauer of Elma’s Almanac, picked me up at the airport.

Way out of my comfort zone, I arrived at the beautiful Guelph Bible Conference Centre for the conference and immediately felt like I belonged.

That’s not something that happens often. But everyone was excited, accepting, eager and welcoming. We were all on some great adventure together, and there was room for me.

Visit the Write! Canada website and check out the various pages listed across the top menu. There’s room for you too!

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