Writing Anniversaries

March is anniversary month for me, writing-wise, on two counts:

The earliest notes I have for my first novel draft are from March 1994, although I may have started earlier, and some of those characters lived in my head for a good year before venturing out onto the computer.

While I’ve had short stories published, that novel and its companion are still (again!) in the revision cycle. Somewhere along the line I decided to fight discouragement with humour, and so was born the annual ‘birthday’ celebration for my characters. Since new characters have joined those first few, I think ‘anniversary’ works better: the anniversary of when I started writing fiction (not counting the short stories and abandoned novel openings of my childhood).

1994 to 2012 … “eighteen years, I guess it was all right” — can anyone guess which Newsboys song that’s from? It’s way out of context, but it’s been going through my head this month. Each year I do a cake. Carrot cake, this time, as suggested by one of my longest-standing imaginary friends, Ruth, who’s a cheesecake lover. But she was definite about the carrot cake. And my family certainly appreciated it on her behalf.

2008 to 2012… four years — actually, four years ago to this very date (March 30) my first blog post here at God with Us: Finding Joy went live. I wasn’t thinking about March when I posted, just thinking I’d delayed long enough!

If you’re a writer, do you observe milestones or anniversaries? How and why? Or why not?


2 thoughts on “Writing Anniversaries

  1. Mary Waind

    I already like Ruth, Janet. Carrot cake was a great choice. Lord bless you and Ruth on this anniversary with bushels of favour.


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