Without Proof: Meet the Supporting Cast

In getting to know the characters of Without Proof, we’ve met Amy, the heroine, Michael, her boss, and Aunt Bay, Michael’s great-aunt.

Today I want to introduce you to some of the secondary characters:

Emilie Renaud is the youngest sister of Amy’s dead fiancé, Gilles. She’s attending university in Halifax, NS, instead of her home city of Montreal, because she wanted to be near her brother… and to be near Michael, truth told. Emilie’s quirky, fun, and her hair is usually some bright, eye-catching colour.

Luc Renaud is Gilles and Emilie’s father. He owns an elite car dealership with showrooms in Montreal and Halifax, and divides his time between them. Luc has always been kind to Amy, but her questions about the crash turn him hostile.

Ross Zarin and his father occasionally buy Michael’s paintings for their hotel chain. Ross understands grief, and he’d like to help Amy with hers. He knows that sometimes those closest to us are too close to see when we’re ready to move on with life.

Troy Hicks is the journalist who starts it all with his questions to Amy. Troy’s a friend of Michael’s, and he and Michael attend the same men’s group at Troy’s church.

Safia and Dafiq are a mother and preschool-aged son who live next door to Michael’s gallery and studio. I just realized I never learned their surname, or Safia’s husband’s name. Safia is gentle and friendly, and Dafiq is, well, exuberant. Aunt Bay has a special fondness for him, cultivated out of kindness for his mother, who has no family nearby for support.


Without Proof [Redemption's Edge 3]

“Asking questions could cost your life.”

Two years after the plane crash that killed her fiancé, Amy Silver has fallen for his best friend, artist Michael Stratton. When a local reporter claims the small aircraft may have been sabotaged, it reopens Amy’s grief.

Anonymous warnings and threats are Amy’s only proof that the tragedy was deliberate, and she has nowhere to turn. The authorities don’t believe her, God is not an option, and Michael’s protection is starting to feel like a cage.

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