2014 Writing Goals

Do or do not. There is no try. ~Yoda

Master Yoda is my favourite Little Green Man, but I disagree with him on the subject of trying. I think his context uses try in the sense of “maybe, I wish I could, we’ll see.”

Sometimes we try honestly and in our full strength—and we fail. Because of ourselves or because of things outside our control. We have tried. Our best. But it wasn’t enough.

I’m learning to hold my plans lightly, knowing God reserves the right to redirect my schedule. As such, I keep it fluid (sounds better than vague) because otherwise I’ll find myself defending The Plan instead of adjusting when life throws something unexpected my way.

But I’ve found a fun-looking blog hop for writers, and post #1 is to be on our goals for 2014. And we do need to know our targets or we’re unlikely to hit them. So here goes:


  • Early 2014: revisions and editing of Secrets and Lies, the next novel in my Redemption’s Edge series, releasing this year (date TBA) from Choose NOW Publishing.
  • April and ongoing: first draft of Redemption’s Edge #3, title TBA


  • weekly book reviews, devotionals and features


  • keep connected with my writing communities and with friends and readers, for encouragement and for fun


  • working with the Choose Now editing team is like a personal writing course
  • go back through the To Write a Story course emails I signed up for in the fall but didn’t have time to assimilate
  • continue learning the wonderful writers’ tool that is Scrivener
  • read books on marketing and apply what I learn

Click the button below to read what other writers are setting as their goals for the year… or if you’re a writer, click over and add a link to your own writing goals.

Blog hop for writers



12 thoughts on “2014 Writing Goals

  1. Sara Davison

    Great, smart, achievable goals Janet. I love the line “…I keep it fluid (sounds better than vague) because otherwise I’ll find myself defending The Plan instead of adjusting when life throws something unexpected my way.” Totally agree with those sentiments, and with keeping all our goals and plans fluid and open to God’s leading. May He bless you and your writing in the year ahead.

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      Thank you, Sara, and may we keep our focus on the Lord so we’ll be open to His leading — either ahead as we expect, or in another direction if He redirects.

  2. Mary Waind

    Wow, Janet, you amaze me… and I know you will accomplish a whack of what you’ve outlined if not all. Just a review a week would be huge for me. Bless you!!!

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      Thanks for starting this blog hop, Ruth. Fun topics to get us writing, and we get connected with other writers. Sometimes making our lists public motivates us to work harder at sticking to them 🙂

  3. Bobbie Cole

    Hi Janet – I particularly liked your comment that working with your editors was like a personalised writing course. I found exactly the same thing when I had a close edit done of my faith journey, She Does Not Fear the Snow. I was shown specifically what I as a writer did that didn’t work. The feedback took me to a whole new stage in my writing.
    BYW I tried to Tweet about your post using the button and got a tech prob message.

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      Bobbie, I think editors who can take time to explain and to teach are rare, but so valuable! Thanks for the alert about the tweet button. I hope it was a temporary glitch, but I’ll keep watch.


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