Review: A Promise to Protect, by Patricia Bradley

A Promise to Protect, by Patricia BradleyA Promise to Protect, by Patricia Bradley (Revell, 2014)

To finish repaying her student loans, Dr. Leigh Somerall must take a temporary position in the one place she dreads: the small southern town of Logan Point. Logan Point was home, once.

Soon after she and her son TJ arrive, Leigh’s brother Tony is murdered. His dying request to Acting Sheriff Ben Logan? Protect Leigh.

Ben is the last person Leigh wants around – what if he discovers TJ is his son? It’s been too many years, and she’s told too many lies, to reveal the truth now.

In the mean time, whoever killed Tony wants a certain flash drive. And thinks Leigh has it. A series of attacks, some aimed at Leigh and some at the town’s general safety, keep Ben and his team scrambling. Is it really about Leigh, or is it about undermining the people’s confidence in Ben, who’ll be running for Sheriff in the next election?

A Promise to Protect is deftly plotted and keeps the reader guessing. I enjoyed the suspense more than Leigh’s angst over whether to tell Ben about his son. Ben and Leigh are realistic characters, each with inner struggles as well as the external one thrust on them by the unknown villains. And although this is their story, it was good to see Taylor Martin from the previous novel playing a small role.

This is book 2 in Patricia Bradley’s Logan Point series. Personally, I engaged better with the characters in book 1, Shadows of the Past, but both are quality stories, well told and well worth reading. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

Patricia Bradley writes romantic suspense for Revell, and romance for Harlequin Heartwarming. For a brief, suspenseful read, visit her website and read her short story, “Blood Kin.”

[Review copy from my personal library.]

4 thoughts on “Review: A Promise to Protect, by Patricia Bradley

        1. Janet Sketchley Post author

          Nice twist ending. I actually read it a while ago, probably when I first read Shadows of the Past, and had forgotten until I saw it again on your site. It all came back to me!


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