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  1. Bonnie
    April 23, 2009

    I love her book covers! They look sooo cool – totally fitting with what the books are about. I totally wanna order these…


    • joannamallory
      April 23, 2009

      The covers are great, aren’t they? Do you like The Maltese Falcon? I’ve only seen the movie with Humphrey Bogart and crew, but I liked it enough to watch it again.

      My local Christian bookstore had the second book on-shelf. I wanted to read them in order, so the staff is holding book 2 for me until book 1 comes in. Any day now I should get the phone call…


  2. Alissa Wallace
    January 23, 2019

    I read these books in 2009 and have thought about the characters over the years. What would have happened if there had been a third book written? I understand that the author lost her spouse and what a life altering event that must have been for her. Finishing this great series must not have been something she was able to do. Even this many years later, I would selfishly want for Ms. Mills to write something to let us know what ideas she had planned to end this series!


    • Janet Sketchley
      January 24, 2019

      I’d have loved to read more in this series too, Alissa. Maybe someday, who knows? I can definitely see how tragedy would interrupt it.


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