Christmas Fragments

The family hike through the woods to cut a tree.

Dad dragging it through the snow to the car, kids wanting to ride it like a toboggan.

Hours poring over the Sears Christmas Wish Book.

A bit of greed, but mostly the wonder of imagination.

Driving around town to see the Christmas lights.

Rudolph and the gang on the roof at home.

Arranging gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Excitement stirring children’s hearts.

Bells jingling outside the window.

The boy jumping into bed so Santa could come early.

Santa’s mix-up: Hot Wheels for the girl, lace for the boy.

Next year the stockings had names on them.

Taking Barbie to church Christmas morning.

Visiting God in His house.

Family time and good food.

Spending time with friends.

Safety and freedom, taken for granted.

Mom and Dad love the children, so does God.


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