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  1. Bonnie Enns
    August 5, 2019

    I am in the process of reading “Dark Clouds of the Morning” right now. Since I grew up (and now live) between Halifax and Truro this book is especially interesting to me. I am enjoying the story line, the characters, the details of the explosion and especially the gospel message and faith in God brought out in the story. However I will probably never read another of Janet Burrills books. I am extremely disappointed in how she throughout the book uses the name of our precious Lord in vein. It is very disturbing every time I see His name used as a curse word in an exclamatory sense. It is hard to understand how someone who seems to have the strong faith that she portrays in her book could also have such ungodly speech. If these expletives were not used I would be interested in reading more of her works


    • Janet Sketchley
      August 7, 2019

      Bonnie, this is a valid concern. It’s been a long time since I read the book, but as I recall the occasional use of the Lord’s name in this way was from characters who weren’t Christians. Sometimes in crisis situations I’ll hear a person (believer or nonbeliever) cry out God’s name and only they know if they’re cursing or praying–or if it’s a mix of both. I don’t know why the author portrayed some non-Christians using our Lord’s name in a curse, but I know she herself is a gentle woman of faith who doesn’t speak that way herself. I hope you enjoy the setting and the history, and that overall the positives will outweigh the negatives.


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