Now in ebook format: A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider

A Second Cup of Hot Apple CiderNow you can get your serving of A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider in ebook format. Kindle: and; also available for Kobo.

Since I have a story in this book, I haven’t written a review. But here are what some others are saying:

“The stories in the anthology do not all have happy endings. There are people who write about devastating losses in their lives, or occasions that do not turn out as planned. Sometimes there are people of faith who make stunning breakthroughs; sometimes people of faith die. But through the grief, hope survives.” Read the entire article at North Shore Outlook.

“The stories in both Hot Apple Cider books are written in ways that some of us can relate to. I appreciate the honesty of the authors as theyshared from their hearts. Thank you!” ~Helga (posted on the publisher’s website)

“This collection of wonderful writing from a variety of voices is honest, personal, and compelling. Stoke the fire, put up your feet, and open this book. Like me, you’ll be comforted, inspired, and encouraged. I felt as if God were reading over my shoulder.” ~Michael Messenger, Executive VP, World Vision Canada

“This book is easy to pick up and tough to put down. You’ll love these stories of love, faith, and hope. Thank God for second helpings!” ~Phil Callaway, bestselling author, speaker, and humorist

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