Proof that Jesus Loves Me

Good Friday is a difficult day. How do you balance the ultimate, willing sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save us all: His pain against our rich benefit?

One thing I know: Good Friday proves His love for me. For you. For us all.

Let this song from the David Crowder*Band bless you: Shadows. Take in the words: “When all seems lost, remember the cost. Rest in the shadow of the Cross.” [paraphrased]


5 thoughts on “Proof that Jesus Loves Me

  1. Bobbi

    For me, it means I can’t minimize my worth. If I say I believe Jesus, Son of God did this for me, I have to accept that I have value. Does my lifestyle, my choices, my direction reflect that? Not always, I’m afraid. But I’m trying.

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      Yes, Bobbi, so well said! Jesus says we have value, yet it’s such a struggle at times to believe He’s actually right about that. I tell myself that if I don’t believe Him I’m really saying that I know more than He does 🙂 Still it’s hard. Thanks for this.

  2. hearingtheheartbeat

    Hmmm. . . I wonder. . .could it be that Jesus sees Good Friday from another perspective in which the question is “how do you balance His pain against HIS rich benefit?” And I think he’d say every bit of the pain was worth it – worth us – a million times over.


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