Rest. Is it possible?

Rest — physical and spiritual — can be an elusive hope. Here are five helpful links I’ve read lately:

rest: tranquil ocean sceneSheila Seiler Lagrande says “We can’t earn rest any more than we can earn salvation. So let’s show ourselves some grace, shall we?

Grace Fox shares the secret to a restful sleep.

Bonnie Leon reminds us of the peace that comes when we remember God is always with us.

Mary deMuth encourages us to Say No. Rest.

Reba J. Hoffman, PhD tells us it’s crucial to develop the habit of stillness.

3 thoughts on “Rest. Is it possible?

  1. Mary Waind

    It’s possible. The freedom to give ourselves a mini-vacation on a lovely afternoon is more rewarding than a vacation that requires planning, packing… I even love the word…rest!

    1. Janet Sketchley

      So true, Mary! And with a garden as lovely as yours, or a nearby park, voila — instant getaway location. We need to use that freedom more, instead of always pushing.


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