Shocking the World with Generosity, by Dineen Miller

Today we have a guest post from award-winning author Dineen Miller. Read on to be encouraged and challenged. Dineen has graciously offered a copy of the new book she co-authored with Lynn Donovan, Not Alone, to one of our readers in Canada or the US. To enter, please leave us a comment. Draw closes midnight, Nov. 29.

Shocking the World with Generosity

by Dineen Miller

NotAloneImage2I stood on the knoll of a grassy field, watching my youngest daughter, Leslie, then only five years old, as she kicked off her shoes at the starting line. No shoes? How would her little feet grip the grass and propel her forward? Several of the other children in her age group had done the same thing, so I resisted the urge to run over and make her put her shoes back on.

We’d moved to Switzerland in the spring and had spent the summer adjusting to our new surroundings before school started, thus immersing my girls into a culture and language they’d just barely begun to grasp. Today’s event was a big part of kicking off the new school year. I watched Leslie stand there, looking around at the other children so eager to start and win this race. The prize? A round ornately stitched patch declaring the bearer winner of the race for their age group.

Did she even stand a chance?

The starter shouted the Swiss version of “get set, ready, go!” and off went this group of five and six year olds, sprinting down a grassy field. Little legs pumped madly and arms swung back and forth. Seemed like minutes instead of seconds passed as the fastest runners pulled away, and to my amazement my daughter was one of them.

I think my mouth about fell open as my daughter took the lead and won!

Full of pride for my girl, I waited until she’d followed protocol to receive her award and came running toward me. One of her new friends trailed behind her and as my daughter hugged me, I could see her friend was struggling not to cry.

Leslie had noticed too and turned to face her. She held out her new prize to her friend, whose eyes grew almost as big as the patch Leslie held. The little girl looked at me as if to ask, is this okay? My same question—I’d watched Leslie work so hard for this prize, yet there she stood, ready to give it way.

So I asked Leslie, “Are you sure you want to part with that?” I think I was the one struggling with parting with it, not her.

“Yes, mommy. I want her to have it.”

Her friend took the patch and threw her arms around Leslie. The two skipped off together to play. My pride in my daughter grew even larger.

I think at times our children know how to be more generous than we do. I’ve watched my daughter grow into a generous teenager who was always quick to give away what she had and spend her allowance on her sister or her friends before buying herself anything. My biggest challenge as her mother—to let her. To support her in her generosity, even when she gave away a Visa gift card she’d received for her birthday to a homeless person. As I had asked at that race so many years ago, I asked again, “Are you sure?” She said the joy of giving the card away was better than anything she could have bought.

Some kids just get this, others need to be taught. Either way, we as parents have a wonderful opportunity to help our children grow into generous teenagers and adults who shock the world with their generosity. Just as Jesus came into this world and continues to shock us with His.

Along with Jesus, my daughter has become my teacher and inspiration to give more of my resources, my love and my time. I love watching her shock the world with her generosity.


Not Alone - Lynn Donovan and Dineen MillerIn Not Alone, you’ll find encouragement and inspiration from Scripture and true-life stories from other spiritually mismatched moms. Plus, find practical tips for capturing teachable moments with eternity in mind, and discovery questions to help you grow as a parent.

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Dineen MillerDineen Miller is passionate about God’s Word and truth. She’s been featured on the Moody Radio Network, Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson’s FamilyTalk and FamilyLife Today. Dineen lives in the Bay Area with her family and is the coauthor of the award winning book, Winning Him Without Words and author of the ACFW Carol Award winning book, The Soul Saver. Visit Dineen online at

10 thoughts on “Shocking the World with Generosity, by Dineen Miller

  1. Teresa

    I am so proud to say my son grew up with ADHD and being male, was prone to violence and rage. Everyday was confrontational and every day I strove to calm him down and make him realize there was absolutely no need for that rage. A huge part was caused by the food he ate – the food our stores and TV promote. We changed his diet at nine yrs old and saw a great improvement. Still, he had anger issues. Well, fast forward many years and my son is now a young adult, handsome and most importantly, well mannered with a generous heart! Labouring beside him recently, helping a friend install fence posts, he continuously used that word “please” each and every time he needed water poured, cement mix poured, etc for ten long back breaking hours. Upon completion I hugged my son, telling him how much I loved him and how proud I was of him. He hugged me back, smiled and simply said “Mom, you showed me every day, and it is easy”. I think what I am trying to say is “Never give up! Shower with kindness and respect. Having worked in 3rd World countries I carried this over with amazing results!

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      You have a right to be proud of your son, Teresa! I’m glad he had a mom (and others I’m sure) who saw beyond the surface and invested in him. It makes me sad to think how many kids get rejected and written off, when they could become so much more with that kindness, respect, persistence and love. Good for you, parenting even in the hard days.

      As to what’s in our food and what it does to people with various sensitivities, I don’t dare get started. But I sure agree with you!

    2. Dineen Miller

      What a testimony, Teresa! How wonderful that your son sees how much you poured into him. And I agree on the food issues. I believe so many of the issues we see in children and adults is due to GMOs and chemicals. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Bonnie Way

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! This reminds me of my daughter in a similar race… except that she didn’t come in first – she was the girl crying because she’d fallen behind. At other times, she’s been just as generous as your daughter (last year she gave away most of her Halloween candy) and I want to find ways to encourage that sharing and generosity and thinking of others. 🙂


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