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Interview: Kimberley Payne on Adam’s Animals

Kimberley PayneKimberley Payne is a prolific non-fiction writer with works ranging from activity books to devotionals to workbooks. She writes to equip women for faithful living.

Janet: Kimberley, welcome back to my blog. We talked last year about your children’s activity book, Trees of the Book—Learning from God’s Creation. Clearly it’s been well-received, because you’re moving ahead with more in the Science and Faith Matters series. Please tell us what’s new.

Kimberley: Yes, Adam’s Animals is the second book in the Science and Faith Matters series. It’s a children’s activity book that features more than 40 animals mentioned in the Bible and little-known facts about each. It’s ideal for 6 to 9 year olds, for home or school use and classroom sharing in grades 1-3 to supplement the Life Sciences Curriculum on Animal Life.

Janet: Some of the facts I’ve picked up from reading other stops on your blog tour have been quite interesting! You’re taking a new approach with this project: crowdfunding. I think that’s a great way to go. Instead of taking a bank loan, you gain early buy-in from the people who are interested in your project, and they get some fun bonuses and a sense of participation in the process. Would you tell us a bit more about crowdfunding, for those who are new to the idea?

Kimberley: A crowd funding campaign is an effort to raise financial support for a creative project. In my case, I am hoping to raise $3500 by the end of February to pay for the illustrations and publication of my book. Depending on the amount of money someone pledges, they can receive an autographed copy of the book, copies of my other children’s book, a beautiful jpg watercolour of a rooster, or other creative gifts.

Janet: That makes it clearer, and there are definitely some appealing options. Why did you decide to take this route?

Kimberley: I had supported a musician and a new magazine this way and enjoyed the process, really feeling like I was helping to bring to life their creative project. Both projects met their goal and I loved that I helped them.

Janet: What are some of the benefits you see for people who back your project? And what’s the deadline to get in on it?

Kimberley: Backers that support my project will get an inside look at the creative process, and help Adam’s Animals come to life. They also get to choose from a variety of unique rewards including an autographed copy of the book, a high definition jpg of a watercolour Rooster, or even lunch with me and the publisher. The deadline for my project is Friday, February 28th at 6pm (EST).

Janet: I loved the illustrations in Trees of the Book. Will Esther Haug be illustrating Adam’s Animals as well?

Kimberley: Esther did a beautiful job creating the artwork for the first book. Janis Cox, an award-winning children’s author and illustrator, will be creating the illustrations for Adam’s Animals.

Janet: Janis does beautiful artwork as well. So tell me… you’ve written a lot for women, but Trees of the Book and Adam’s Animals are for children. Is this a shift in direction, or will you write for both?

Kimberley: I will continue to write for both, as I have a passion for encouraging women and supporting their desire to raise children in the faith.

Janet: Your own children are older now, so where do you turn for test readers?

Kimberley: My niece and nephews. They are always very helpful in providing feedback.

Janet: Assuming Adam’s Animals gets fully funded, what might we see next in the series?

Kimberley: I plan to write a third book on the five senses as found in the Bible. I also have ideas for a book on weather in the Bible.

Janet: I remember a terrific storm described in one of the psalms. That could be fun. What started you working on Science and Faith Matters? Do you have a personal interest in science?

Kimberley: In school, I focused on math and business subjects but have come to realize my love and appreciation for life sciences as an adult.

Janet: Proof that we don’t finish learning when we leave school! What’s your favourite animal?

Kimberley: There are so many I love! But my favourite is the leopard. This big cat can climb trees, run fast, and swim. He’s powerful and smart. My kind of creature!

Janet: Leopards are so cool. On the topic of biblical animals… what do you think Leviathan was? A sea monster? Dinosaur? Mega crocodile?

Kimberley: That’s a great question. There’s much scholarly debate on what this creature really was. For the purposes of Adam’s Animals, I classified the Leviathan as a crocodile.

Janet: I look forward to the picture. Now, as well as this project, you’re blogging, keeping active, and collecting pet fur. (Readers can check out the bio on your site to find out why.) Tell us about Kimberley Payne, wife, mom, neighbour and friend.

Kimberley: I’ve been married for 12 years and thank God daily for bringing my husband into my life. I live in a beautiful community, near my parents and brothers’ families. Family is very important to me. I am truly blessed.

Janet: Do you have any advice for writers considering the crowdfunding approach?

Kimberley: It’s a lot of work, so start early and expect months in planning.

Janet: And the random question of the day: chocolate or vanilla?

Kimberley: Vanilla with chocolate sauce!

Janet: Brilliant! Thanks so much for stopping by, Kimberley, and I wish you all the best with Adam’s Animals. I’m a great-aunt now, and a certain little guy may get a copy of the book when he’s old enough to not eat crayons.


Adam's Animals: Ant

Click here (or on the ant) for more about the Adam’s Animals crowdfunding project, or visit Kimberley J. Payne’s website to learn more about the author and her work. You can also find Kimberley at these places:




For Christian Parents (and those who love them)

Familiar with these questions?

Parenting questions

Parenting comes with a lot of second-guessing and what-ifs. We need friends, listening ears, prayer partners.

We also need to keep a good connection with God. He’s the source of hope, wisdom, strength, patience… and everything else that equips us to raise our kids well.

That’s why I’m excited about Powerline365 from Choose NOW Ministries. Yes, I’m published by a branch of this ministry and can’t claim to be impartial. But I’m not obligated promote this; I’m sharing it with you like any other resource I see value in.

Our teens are navigating dangerous times. Suicides. Drugs. Cyber-bullying. Stress. Negative self-esteem. The enemy of our souls is hitting them hard, and I don’t want to see a generation lost.

If we strengthen the parents, won’t that help the teens? Won’t it better equip those teens in their relationships with their peers?

I’m beyond grateful at how well the teen years have gone so far in our home, but still I wish I’d had a resource like Powerline365 from the beginning. Imagine, a burst of encouragement every day, specifically focused on this particular part of our lives.

The Powerline365 project is being done through crowdfunding, which is essentially pre-ordering. If it’s not fully funded by midnight, January 31, contributors get their money back. There are different funding levels, based on what you want in return.

One of the things I see potential for with Powerline365 is in parenting and Bible study groups. Imagine the difference that could make! Some of the higher funding levels provide opportunities like live Skype discussions led by parenting expert and Powerline365 creator Nicole O’Dell.

Parenting. There are no guarantees, except that you’ll be stretched beyond your limits and that God will make a difference. (Click to tweet)

Please click over to the Powerline365 page and have a look. See why this project is on Nicole O’Dell’s heart, and why she’s such a great choice to create it. Hear why Clay Crosse and Renee Crosse of Holy Homes Ministry believe it’s a project worth endorsing. Consider sharing it with your friends and on social media.

If Powerline365 is not for you, thanks for taking time to read this far. If it is for you, and you decide to participate in funding this campaign, come back here afterward and tell me in the comments. You’ll be eligible for a Spark30: thirty days of emailed devotionals from Powerline365. These—and any of the other Powerline365 options—can be gifted.

Here’s the link: Powerline365. (Remember to come back here if you decide to contribute, so I can add you to the list of Spark30 recipients.)