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For Christian Parents (and those who love them)

Familiar with these questions?

Parenting questions

Parenting comes with a lot of second-guessing and what-ifs. We need friends, listening ears, prayer partners.

We also need to keep a good connection with God. He’s the source of hope, wisdom, strength, patience… and everything else that equips us to raise our kids well.

That’s why I’m excited about Powerline365 from Choose NOW Ministries. Yes, I’m published by a branch of this ministry and can’t claim to be impartial. But I’m not obligated promote this; I’m sharing it with you like any other resource I see value in.

Our teens are navigating dangerous times. Suicides. Drugs. Cyber-bullying. Stress. Negative self-esteem. The enemy of our souls is hitting them hard, and I don’t want to see a generation lost.

If we strengthen the parents, won’t that help the teens? Won’t it better equip those teens in their relationships with their peers?

I’m beyond grateful at how well the teen years have gone so far in our home, but still I wish I’d had a resource like Powerline365 from the beginning. Imagine, a burst of encouragement every day, specifically focused on this particular part of our lives.

The Powerline365 project is being done through crowdfunding, which is essentially pre-ordering. If it’s not fully funded by midnight, January 31, contributors get their money back. There are different funding levels, based on what you want in return.

One of the things I see potential for with Powerline365 is in parenting and Bible study groups. Imagine the difference that could make! Some of the higher funding levels provide opportunities like live Skype discussions led by parenting expert and Powerline365 creator Nicole O’Dell.

Parenting. There are no guarantees, except that you’ll be stretched beyond your limits and that God will make a difference. (Click to tweet)

Please click over to the Powerline365 page and have a look. See why this project is on Nicole O’Dell’s heart, and why she’s such a great choice to create it. Hear why Clay Crosse and Renee Crosse of Holy Homes Ministry believe it’s a project worth endorsing. Consider sharing it with your friends and on social media.

If Powerline365 is not for you, thanks for taking time to read this far. If it is for you, and you decide to participate in funding this campaign, come back here afterward and tell me in the comments. You’ll be eligible for a Spark30: thirty days of emailed devotionals from Powerline365. These—and any of the other Powerline365 options—can be gifted.

Here’s the link: Powerline365. (Remember to come back here if you decide to contribute, so I can add you to the list of Spark30 recipients.)