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Review: Firewall, by DiAnn Mills

Firewall, by DiAnn Mills | Christian suspenseFirewall, by DiAnn Mills (Tyndale, 2014)

An explosive start, and the pace accelerates from there.

Taryn expected to be on her honeymoon. Instead she’s wanted by the FBI, and the man she married may not be who she thinks he is.

Meanwhile, someone wants to hijack the software project she headed—if they succeed, they can cause mass destruction on a global scale.

FBI Special Agent Grayson Hall must convince her to trust him—if he can keep up with her. And if he can keep them both alive.

I liked Taryn and Grayson, and Grayson’s Uncle Joe. I enjoyed the fast pace, and the way the story wasn’t too dark despite the danger. It did get a little heavy at the end, but not extremely so.

Taryn has a lot to deal with: physical injury, her supposed husband’s deception, danger and death on all sides. The crisis draws her to risk trusting not only Grayson but God.

DiAnn Mills is a bestselling author of Christian romantic suspense. Firewall is Book 1 in her FBI: Houston series. For more about the author and her books, visit diannmills.com.

[Review copy from my personal library.]

Review: Breach of Trust, by DiAnn Mills

Breach of Trust, by DiAnn Mills (Tyndale House, 2009)

Paige Rogers is an ex-CIA operative forced undercover in the small town of Split Creek, Oklahoma. Her last mission nearly killed her. It did kill the rest of her team—except for the man who betrayed them, Daniel Keary.

Now Keary is poised to win state governorship, and his ambitions don’t stop there. Will Paige put her loved ones in danger for one last chance to expose him…for the good of her country?

Miles Laird is the high school football coach, and it takes all Paige’s self-control not to return the affection he can’t hide. But if he knew who she really was, what she’d done in the line of duty, she’d lose him.

After quitting the CIA Paige became a Christian. Even as she considers reactivating, she wrestles with the morality of her past actions in the line of duty. How can deceit and righteous living co-exist?

I took a while to get into the novel. It flows nicely in third-person past-tense, but Keary’s brief sections are first-person present-tense. It may underscore Keary’s sense of ruthless power, but I always find these shifts throw me out of the story. Once I got used to it, the novel was hard to put down.

Breach of Trust is book one in the Call of Duty series, and winner of both a 2010 Christy Award winner and a 2010 Inspirational Readers Choice Award. Book two, Breach of Security, released in the spring of 2010. On the Breach of Trust page on DiAnn Mills’ site you’ll find links to the video trailer and to an excerpt of the novel. Click here for discussion questions.

DiAnn Mills is an award-winning author of more than 15 novels. Visit her website to learn more about DiAnn and her books: historical fiction, contemporary fiction and non-fiction.

[review copy from my personal library]