The Sheep Who Attended a Writers’ Conference

It started as a joke.

One of my sons offered his stuffed sheep as a travelling companion when I packed for Write! Canada in 2012. I have a sheep of my own (named Acton) but he’s big enough to count as carry-on luggage.

Stuffed sheep in a Busy Beads toy

Taking a break between flights in Montreal

Wilhelm, on the other hand, stands maybe 4 inches tall. And he’s cute as all get-out.

He came along. We had some fun on the way.

Then I decided to smuggle him into the first conference session, just so I could say he’d been there.

I listen at Write! Canada. To the faculty, to my fellow attendees, and to God. This theme showed up early: Look. Listen. Recapture wonder and curiosity. 

Look at that face. Could it get more wide-eyed and wonder-filled?

Wilhelm rode in my shoulder bag all conference, peeking out as a visual aid to remind me of the lesson. Unprofessional? Maybe. Quirky? Yup. Conversation starter? Definitely.

We came home with two new books on writing. Have you read either of these? I confess I haven’t read the fantasy one yet, but my review of Unleash the Writer Within is here, and I highly recommend this book.

Unleash the Writer Within cover artThe Write's Complete Fantasy Reference

4 thoughts on “The Sheep Who Attended a Writers’ Conference

  1. storygal

    Cec Murphy’s book is excellent; I have it, but not the other one since I don’t write in that genre. The cover looks intriguing

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      Carolyn, Cec Murphey’s book is a keeper for sure. The other one looks more like a reference book, so I may never read it cover to cover, but I still hope to write more speculative fiction as well as continuing my suspense, so I’m sure I’ll be dipping into it when the time is right. Enjoy your editors’ conference!

  2. jencudmore

    I think it’s great you took him along! How fun for your son to know that you enjoyed his toy so much!


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