Review: Two From Isaac’s House, by Normandie Fischer

Two From Isaac's House, by Normandie FischerTwo From Isaac’s House, by Normandie Fischer (Sleepy Creek Press, 2015)

Rina Lynne’s father insisted they had to live on limited funds, but she inherited a fortune when he died. She’d always lived a safe, predictable life, so now, before she marries her fiancé, Jason, and settles down, she’s off to see the world.

First stop: a small town in Italy, for a month of language school. But a passenger on the train is murdered, and the man she shared a carriage with looks like a terrorist.

Favourite line, from when she spots the man’s gun. Can’t you feel this?

She tried to smile as she recovered, but her upper lip caught on too-dry teeth. [Kindle location 134]

Rina blossoms in Italy, away from the restrictions of home. She makes new friends, including the handsome Tony Rasad, who seems to have connections with the same Palestinian group which may be behind the death on the train.

From chapters in Tony’s point of view, we learn that he’s a reluctant spy for Israel, trying to infiltrate the terrorists’ ranks. He’s torn between desire to get to know Rina despite her distant fiancé and the need to stay away from her for her own safety.

Danger chases Rina from Italy to Jordan to Israel, where she tries to find her Uncle Adam.

Two From Isaac’s House is an intriguing romantic suspense with a strong sense of place. The title refers to Rina’s and Tony’s heritage: he’s a Jew, and she’s half-Jewish. The danger they face draws them both to depend on the God of their people. Rina’s uncle is seriously considering the claims of some friends who are Messianic Jews (believing Jesus is the Messiah). The spiritual thread is low-key, and shouldn’t be a barrier to non-believing readers.

Author Normandie Fischer writes women’s fiction and romantic suspense. She’s also an avid sailor. For more about the author and her books (and boats!) visit

[Review copy from my personal library.]

6 thoughts on “Review: Two From Isaac’s House, by Normandie Fischer

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      Thanks, Glynis. I heard about this novel through a Facebook authors’ party. Always new ways to discover good books! (I just wish there was more time to read them.)

    1. Janet Sketchley Post author

      You’re welcome, Normandie. Thanks for a good read! As well as enjoying the characters and suspense, I liked the virtual tour and all the food references in Italy. Maybe someday I’ll get there…

      1. Normandie Fischer (@WritingOnBoard)

        Loved living in Italy and loved revisiting it. One thing I want to do before it’s too late is to take my husband on a tour. We’d planned to sail there, but obligations brought us home instead, so perhaps one day. Until then, I keep adding food references in my fiction–so many great tastes to imagine and remember.

        1. Janet Sketchley Post author

          All the settings in the novel felt real, but Italy felt especially real and perhaps this is why. You clearly absorbed the atmosphere as well as storing up memories of the food. I hope you two have the chance for a tour at some point.


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